MSM Product Buyer’s Guide (updated May 2024)

Douglas Laboratories MSM Capsules Review

Douglas Laboratories is the manufacturer of MSM capsules containing fundamental sulfur. MSM is a naturally occurring compound of sulfur. Douglas Laboratories claims that their product will help support healthy connective tissues, lungs, and joints.

Separate from the product itself, is the manufacturer. Douglas Laboratories is a well-known supplement brand with a wide variety of supplements which is something we look for in a quality brand that consumers can trust. However, the manufacturer will only sell their products to health care providers. If you are looking to buy this product online, you can find third-party sellers on websites such as Amazon. However, consumers should be aware they are not assured of any type of money-back guarantee. 

As to the formulation of this product, each capsule contains 750 mg of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). The manufacturer claims this to be the purest MSM without flavors, preservatives or colors. However, not all MSM supplements will provide the same benefits. Just because the label says MSM, it doesn’t mean you will necessarily get the amazing benefits of MSM if the supplement is not formulated correctly.

The biggest issue with MSM supplements is their level of purity. This product uses OptiMSM® which is manufactured in a facility specifically designated just for this. OptiMSM® is distilled in a multi-stage distillation process and third-party tested for purity and consistency. 

We were happy to see that this product is manufactured in the USA and has a GMP certification but it’s ultimately the formula that gets you the results, so does this product have what it takes?

Is Douglas Laboratories MSM Capsules Effective?

In order to discern whether or not this supplement is effective, we must look at the type and amount of MSM found in each serving. In the case of Douglas Laboratories MSM Capsules, the type of MSM used is OptiMSM®. As we have iterated many times on this site, OptiMSM® is the gold standard when it comes to MSM products. Due to its rigorous distillation method and unparalleled testing, it’s no wonder this manufacturer chose to include OptiMSM® in its capsules.

When it comes to the dosage, we were less impressed. The daily serving is one capsule which equals 750mg of MSM. While this is more than some products we have reviewed, it is actually half of some others. While the quantity of this MSM is slightly disappointing, it was also important to look at the other ingredients found here.

There are no ingredients here to increase absorption into the body, so what we are looking at are the ingredients used to encapsulate the MSM. The only one that stands out is gelatin. While this is not harmful, it does make this product non-vegetarian and not vegan-friendly. In an age where many industries are looking for more plant-based alternatives in their diets and dietary supplements, it is an ingredient to take note of. 

Is Douglas Laboratories MSM Capsules Safe?

In general, this product is marketed as natural and safe. There are no mentioned side effects. OptiMSM® is GRAS-designated and manufactured in a cGMP-registered laboratory and is third-party tested for safety.  The manufacturer does note this product should not be taken while pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing.

As a general rule, it is always recommended to speak to your doctor before taking any new supplement, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions or are taking other medications.


Douglas Laboratories MSM Capsules has the right idea by formulating their product with OptiMSM® to help support healthy connective tissues, lungs, and joints. This is the purest MSM on the market so consumers can be assured that they are getting third-party tested MSM which is free of contaminants. We would have liked to see a higher dose of OptiMSM® for a truly effective product. We were hoping it would have a closer amount to our Editor’s Choice #1 product.

Additionally, there is no thermogenic ingredient to aid MSM absorption. The purity and the dose of MSM is one aspect but optimal absorption ensures that the sulfur from the MSM gets to where it needs to be in order to see real results. Perhaps this is why it was difficult to amass enough customer reviews to get a clear picture of how well this product works. 

Finally, this product can be purchased at a decent price and comes with a return policy. Unfortunately, the return policy only applies 30 days from receipt and requires reauthorization. Any damage claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of this product. Returns must be received within 14 days of authorization. If this is a return policy that sits well with you, then this may be a product that can work for you.  

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